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Contigo recalls 5.7 million kids' water bottles due to choking hazard - 10TV



(WTHR) - Millions of popular kids' water bottles are being recalled, according to the Consumer Product and Safety Commission.

Contigo water bottles are recalled due to a choking hazard where the water bottles' clear silicone spout can detach. Specifically Contigo Kid Cleanable water bottles have been recalled.

They have a black base and cover over the clear spout and come in three sizes -- 13-ounce, 14-ounce and 20-ounce and four styles —solid color, graphics, stainless steel and stainless steel solid colors. Only bottles with the black base and cover are affected. They were sold individually as well as in two-packs and three-packs.

Children should not use these water bottles. There have been 149 reports of spouts detaching and 18 instances where the spouts have been found in children's mouths.

The bottles were sold at Walmart, Target and other stores nationwide from April 2018 to June 2019 for between $9 and $24. Anyone with the product should contact Contigo at 888-262-0622.

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